Creative Tips For Giving Him the Best Head


One effective blow job method is to lick his penis to start the blow. It acts as oral foreplay to increase sex arousal and make him demand to be put in your mouth. His cock is simple to lick. The easiest method is to hold his penis in your hands while licking it with your tongue. Seriously, knowing your way around a man’s cock is a skill that will never go out of style. Few things will drive a man insane, like a pro taking care of his dick. You’ll discover it’s simplest to lick him from base to Tip. However, there are several additional licking methods you may do as well:


Concentrate on the Tip or the head of his cock


The most sensitive area of your man’s penis is the upper section, or glans, mainly the underside of his glans. Try concentrating on licking the Tip of his penis with as little pressure as possible. Many men claim this is their absolute favorite blow job method, like Erotic Ads that please them. You may even attempt this for your entire blow job till he arrives. Of course, if you continually moved your tongue all over the place, it would be rather strange. Most like to do now and again is let my tongue slide along, softly providing pressure. And now and then, change it up and trace the head instead. It drives them insane.


Suck His Balls and lick his dick


Because of the rough surface, your taste buds develop, and the upper side of your tongue gives somewhat more stimulation than the bottom. When licking him, use the upper side of your tongue. Don’t overlook his balls. You may just lick them to make him feel the same pleasure he does while penetrating your pussy as he masturbates intensely to Top Escorts.

Lick his cock with melted chocolate


Some women believe that they require an unending number of blow job techniques and different things they may do with their mouth, tongue, or lips to deliver varied feelings to their partner to change things. One method is to smear melted chocolate on his dick or whatever liquid you like to lick. Melted chocolate is simply putting heated chocolate, cream, ice cream, or ice cubes in your mouth while doing your regular blow job routine. 


Tricks of the Tongue


Two more blow job methods include your tongue. One is simple to execute, while the other is a little more difficult but highly fulfilling for your boyfriend. Soft Sandpaper Blowjob – Don’t be fooled by the word. For your male, this will not feel like sandpaper; it will feel amazing. The name “Soft Sandpaper” comes from the fact that you will be using your tastebuds to “polish” your man’s penis similarly to that of sandpaper. The similarities, however, end there. 

First, grasp the shaft of your man’s penis firmly in your palm, then moisten your tongue and stick it out. Sliding Shaft Blowjob – For this method, insert his penis as deeply as you can into your mouth and keep it there for inches deep are all acceptable. The important thing is that you find it simple and comfortable to hold it there.


To rub his balls more intensely, gently take them into your mouth and gently massage them with your tongue. So you may kiss, lick, or even suck them. Taking one of his balls into your mouth and lightly licking and sucking on it is a strong technique. For some males, swallowing or being showered with cum is a major turn-on, and it just provides for the ideal conclusion. Plus, less mess means more cuddling and less cleanup if you swallow.